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Upcoming Tradeshows

Pumper Show
February 26-28, 2013
Indianapolis, IN, USA

April 20-24, 2013
Penticton, BC

May 14-17, 2013
Castlegar, BC








Welcome to Vimar Equipment

Vimar Equipment Ltd. has been dedicated to being the best in the business for over 36 years. It's our people that make us the best - by continually striving to improve our service to customers, by doing the day-to-day tasks the best they can be done, and by keeping a relentless focus on quality and excellence in all our activities.

Some of the principles that we share at Vimar are:

  • Quality comes first.
  • Customer Satisfaction is the name of the game and the customer gets to keep score.
  • Employee involvement is the only way to succeed.

Honesty, integrity and service have been passed on through this company and will continue to be the cornerstone of our business. This commitment to our people, the customers, and our manufacturers allows us to hire the best people, create excellent, long-term relationships with our customers and develop a superb partnership with our manufacturers and suppliers.